Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Rosa Parks Remembered

Rosa Parks was a truly inspirational person. I wasn't alive during segragation, but it is easy to see that the impact Rosa's actions had was huge. The thing that I find most amazing about her story is how little of an action--choosing not to get up from her seat on the bus--helped to change so much. Even Rosa said she never imagined that her choice would help bring about so much change. It took courage, that is for sure, but the action itself was quite small, yet it helped change so much. Hopefully that thought will stick with us...

Just because you think your action will be insignificant, doesn't mean it actually will be.

Today, I heard a congressman on TV say this about Parks and I think it was an interesting way to put it:

"She taught us to stand up by sitting down."

If only there were more Rosa Parks in this world...

Rest in Peace Rosa. You will be missed.


Blogger BohemianChic said...

Yes she will. *sigh*

9:48 AM  
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