Sunday, May 08, 2005

Surprise, surprise! Bush and his administration have lied again.

Recently, it has been reported that we have captured Al Qeada's third in command. This was presented as a "a critical victory in the war on terror" by Bush himself. Well, it turns out that Abu Faraj al-Libbi was not the third in command. That position belongs to Anas al-Liby, and he is still on the loose. According to the Times Online:

"Bush called him a “top general” and “a major facilitator and chief planner for the Al- Qaeda network”. Condoleezza Rice, secretary of state, said he was “a very important figure”. Yet the backslapping in Washington and Islamabad has astonished European terrorism experts, who point out that [Abu Faraj al-Libbi] was neither on the FBI’s most wanted list, nor on that of the State Department “rewards for justice” programme. Another Libyan is on the FBI list — Anas al-Liby, who is wanted over the 1998 East African embassy bombings — and some believe the Americans may have initially confused the two. When The Sunday Times contacted a senior FBI counter-terrorism official for information about the importance of the detained man, he sent material on al-Liby, the wrong man. "

So who is al-Libbi?

"'Al-Libbi is just a 'middle-level' leader,' said Jean-Charles Brisard, a French intelligence investigator and leading expert on terrorism finance. 'Pakistan and US authorities have completely overestimated his role and importance. He was never more than a regional facilitator between Al-Qaeda and local Pakistani Islamic groups.'"

Well, well, well. More lies from a corrupt Administration! I wonder if the MSM will pick this up? Oh who the hell am I kidding?--That won't happen.

The article can be found Here


Blogger TJ said...

... to be a lie it must be intentional, do you believe this to be the case?

Or, is this (as is more likely), a miscommunication / typo?


5:36 AM  
Anonymous Duncan Avatar said...


It does not matter. Bush LIED people died! No blood for oil! Heck, we even have a Frenchman quoted in this piece! And ofcourse the French know that Bush is a LIAR! Let's see if I can't fit the word LIE in here atleast five more times, because if we don't see this administration's LIES then we are LYING to ourselves. And such LIES only cause us to loose our rights as Americans and we can't support this LYING chimpbushitler to continue to LIE to America!

6:26 AM  
Anonymous Duncan Avatar said...


6:26 AM  
Blogger The Disenfranchised Voter said...

Yes, I do think it was intentional. Hell, the guy wasn't even on the FBI's most wanted list or the State Department's:

"European terrorism experts, who point out that [Abu Faraj al-Libbi] was neither on the FBI’s most wanted list, nor on that of the State Department “rewards for justice” programme."

So yea, the statement was intentional.

10:19 PM  
Anonymous Cao said...

hehehe whatever. Frenchmen tell the truth (bwahahaha), the Bush administration lies and is the Great Satan, no blood for oil, Halliburton! Every little mistake is intentional whereas demonrats don't make mistakes.

Couldn't possibly have been a mixup over the name..? We bought a house once and the inhabitants signed all the paperwork and it wasn't discovered until the closing that they didn't own the house, their relatives in California did. Was it intentional? The names were virtually the same.

hmmm...the only people commenting over here are us. What does that mean? No traffic, heh? Trolling for traffic, are we, Dimwhit Voter, Kevin & Carla?

Maybe if you wrote something that was coherent and made sense, people would be actually INTERESTED.

3:35 PM  
Anonymous Kevin said...

Notice how Duncan and Cao completely avoid the actual facts of the case - no listing on FBI most wanted, no listing with State Dept.

These folks aren't interesting in the truth or the facts.

10:31 PM  
Blogger Shadow said...

All I want to know is - did this information get to the average voter? Did Wolf Blitzer report on it? Probably not.

6:59 AM  
Anonymous Fast said...

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