Friday, May 20, 2005

Star Wars Episode III Semi-Review (WARNING: contains spoilers)

Just got home from seeing the movie and overall I enjoyed it. It is probably my favorite movie out of all the Star Wars; including the original trilogy.

I only had a few complaints about the Episode III and I will list them here:

1) Not enough background on Gen. Grievous, I knew little about him.

2) No way in hell should have Obi-Wan kicked Gen. Grievous's ass so fast. The dude had four fucking arms, each with a light saber. He's obviously KILLED other Jedi, so how in the fuck does Obi-Wan own him so easily? This is probably my major complaint.

3) No black suit Vader action? What the fuck. All I have is his "duels" with Ben and Luke? Fucking lame. The jump from episode III to episode IV is too big. Episode III should have lasted a little longer in years; to see how Vader reaks havok on the galaxy.

Other than that I throughly enjoyed the movie. It seemed to start out slow (the very beginning where they are flying peacefully) but then BOOM you were launched right into the middle of a huge battle. I was surprised to see Count Dooku die so soon but I think it was an interesting choice. It got the story rolling fast. The dialogue throughout the middle could have been better but no biggy, Lucas isn't known for his amazing dialogue.

I would probably pay the 9 bucks to see this movie again if I wasn't broke.

So, those are my thoughts, but what did you guys think? Feel free to comment.


Blogger Aggressive-Voice said...

Long live the Dark Side. Long live the Siths!

9:04 PM  
Blogger The Disenfranchised Voter said...

LOL! Nice.

9:31 PM  
Blogger ColBerdan said...

1) General Grievous' background is supposed to be revealed more in the "Clone Wars" cartoon mini series that ran on Cartoon Network. It was drawn by the guys that did Samurai Jack and the first half (The only half I've actually seen) is out on DVD now. Not a bad rent if you have an evening you need to fill.

2) I thought the same thing when I saw the movie, but then I got to thinking: Kenobi is a Jedi. Grievous had training, but wasn't an actual Jedi. Being able to channel the force probably gives Kenobi enough to overcome the three lightsaber deficit.

3) Amen brother, amen.

On a totally unrelated note (and the real reason I'm posting) I wanted to ask you about your political philosophy. You said in a comment on the Huffington Post that you were a libertarian but didn't want to see the minimum wage or corprate taxes abolished. While not a hard core libertarian, I majored in econ at a very conservative college and ran into every flavor of libertarian known to the political spectrum. Granted it was usually only the crazies that wanted to get rid of taxes, but every one of them would have repealed the minimum wage if given the chance. I just wondered where you got your ideas from or which political thinkers you enjoyed.

3:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I liked the movie best of all the intallments also. It was just so damned sad though. Wounded boy makes terrible choices, one after the next, and is seduced by the Neocons...uh Dark Side. The political analogies were fun to count though. My personal fav: Padme says "So this is how liberty dies. With thunderous applause".

8:05 PM  
Blogger The Disenfranchised Voter said...

"I just wondered where you got your ideas from or which political thinkers you enjoyed."

My life revolves around politics as I'm sure you can tell by my blog. Though I rarely update it, I watch the news and read the blogs multiple times a day. At first, I was about to say I wasn't sure where my ideas came form but then it dawned on me. What sparked me politically and changed my character was music. Mostly a band called 311. I use to be a negative, racist, gay-bashing, asshole. In fact, I first liked 311 because I thought that 311 stood for KKK, the 11th letter of the alphabet 3 times. Boy, was that farrrrr from the truth. Funny how it was 311's lyrics that completely changed me. I have done a 180, and am not negative, racist, bigoted, or an asshole in the slightest bit. For that I am thankful. Their next album is in fact title "Don't Tread on Me"--a great choice considering the times we live in, in my opinion. Anyways I think most of my political ideas come from music. I really only listen to bands that have a political message or one that critques soceity. I am a big fan of bands such as The Doors, Incubus, TOOL, Dave Matthews, etc.

I am a firm believer in liberty, humans should be able to do WHATEVER they want as long as they are not infringing upon another's rights. I haven't read many political books, my favorite would be 1984 and it has influenced my philosophy...Power corrupts. For the most part, I believe that the government that governs least, governs best. However, I have a mistrust of corporations and allowing them to CHOOSE to pay their workers dirt isn't something I am willing to allow. I've read some arguments for abolishing the minimum wage and they are naive and would only work in a utopia. They are reminescent of arguments for a Communist government as they do not factor in human nature(or nurture). If you would like to offer up a decent argument for abolishing the minimum wage I'd love to read it.

As for my favorite political thinkers, Thomas Jefferson is definitely the top. Other founding fathers would include Franklin, Madison, and Adams.

An interesting pick for myself is Eisenhower. Overall, I think he was a good President and a good man. I do however, disagree with him adding the words "Under God" to the pledge, but that is just me nit picking, Heh.

1:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to say that, after reading a few of your posts ,and just knowing that you favorate book is by the ultra-liberal Al Frankin, you are fooling yourself by saying you are a Libertarian, or maybe, I don't know, that you are trying to fool others by calling yourself a Libertarian, just so that they will think you are creditable. Your music favoriats like tha doors and such, which has plenty references of drugs, is probley why you try to pass yourself off as a Libertarian, but you sir are a stone cold hard blooded comie leftist liberal. When someone confronts you with facts, like the Hitler/Saddam killing statistics, you make up your own...11million....hah! You have no credability!!!

11:36 AM  
Blogger The Disenfranchised Voter said...

I like Frankin's book because it made me laugh...

I guess that makes me a commie.

(The ironic thing is that the mere fact you call me a commie only shows how extreme the modern Republican party has become)

Reactionary, Imperialistic, Extremists is all you are. You will not prevail.

2:11 PM  
Blogger The Disenfranchised Voter said...

Oh and btw I guess since Orwell's 1984, which is a critique on communism and fascism, is one of my favorite books I am also a commie...


2:12 PM  
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