Friday, December 17, 2004

Finally! Something good about Bush being elected in 2004. Well...maybe.

As you can guess, I was very upset at the result of this past election. I disagree with the Bush Administration on just about every single issue. However, I think something good just might come out of Bush being elected over Kerry.

As I was watching Chris Matthews' show, Hardball, I noticed that he has been very critical of the Bush Administration lately and has been using the term "Neo-Con" quite often. He is hitting them on the deficit, interest rates, and their social security plan. Mathews is pretty down the middle usually--so down the middle that he is afraid of even appearing biased--but it appears he has decided to be more critical of this Administration (long overdue in my opinion). I was wondering if this is going to be a trend now--not just for Matthews, but for most journalists.

Another thing that leads me to believe the mainstream media is finally getting some balls is the recent unraveling of Bernard Kerik's past. The paper that first broke the story on Kerik was the New York Post. This paper is considered to lean conservative by many, but apprently that didn't stop them from running the story. The rest of the media followed and they seem to really be hammering this story because it is newsworthy, more than likely.

I am still skeptical of my theory that the mainstream media is going to start doing its job, and begin to search for the truth again. I think a good indication of whether they will or won't will be the confirmation hearings of both Rice and Gonzalez; moreso Gonzalez's then Rice's. Gonzalez is on record calling the Geneva Conventions "obsolete" and "quaint". For that reason alone he should not be confirmed. Those statements are appalling. Now, if the press is hard on Gonzalez--which they damn well should be--then I will have a good feeling the media is heading in the right direction.

Now as for Rice, if the press is hard on her--for her incompetence concerning 9/11 and for being so wrong about the threat Saddam posed--then I will know the media is on the right track. We will just have to wait and see...


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